Tax Lien

 Real Estate Renaissance Group LLC in conjunction with Anbar Group LLC provides investment solutions for capital and equity investors looking to venture into tax lien certificates. Our team employs an ideal combination of asset underwriting expertise as well as exceptional analytics to locate and execute successful lien investments.


  • Market Size: $10 bn.Value of text lien certificates available each year
  • Yield 18%Maximum Interest Rate on liens sold in some states
  • Additional Yield6%Penalty levied on lien face value in some states
  • States 28# of States that participate in annual tax Sales
  • Exposure 10%Average Lien-to-value ratio nationwide
  • Redemption99%Percentage of tax liens that are redeemed

Our services are follows:

Bid Price Calculation

RER, LLC determines a minimum return percentage and/or a bid price premium for every mark prior to the tax lien auction. Our team applies several factors to facilitate the best bid for the lien certificate.

Risk Mitigation

Our team facilitates the mitigation of risks associated with tax lien investments, these including

  • Inadequate due diligence
  • Flood zone hindrances
  • Volatile location
  • Physically unsalvageable property


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