Innovative Real Estate Consulting

Innovative Real Estate (I.R.E.) Consulting is a division of RER, LLC that specializes in providing both “buy and hold” and “flip” real estate investors a real estate life cycle service platform to allow for opertionally efficient investment strategy execution.

Our consultants have a proven capacity to lead our clients successfully through the investment life cycle:

  • Deal Sourcing & Structuring
  • Market Research & Feasibility Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Capital Sourcing
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Sale & Liqudiation Capabilities
  • Testimonals

    “A lot of companies provide investment solutions, but they don’t have Ankit Duggal as their investment director. So, it was really the talent at the top that attracted me to this company. I knew that Ankit combined a passion for the real estate industry with street and book smarts. This combination is hard to find in one individual. This would ensure that his would be a factory of new ideas and products that would set themselves apart in mitigating risk, delivering cash flows and preserving capital. His exuberance in delivering his investment thesis is only topped by the industry insights he has gathered by being successful in different parts of the real estate value chain.I like that RER is a cash flow centric firm and has built it’s products keeping the mass affluent investor helping to solve my biggest problems with alternative investments of lack of cash flow and high capital commitment. So far I have had a positive experience with direct investments in RER. In addition, through the insights I have learned in my dealings with RER, I have also become an aspiring investor myself and even gotten support from them in pursuing my dreams.”

    Jay Jabbar


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